In 2015 the NHS launched a new programme with the goal to empower all its staff and patients to improve their health remotely. It aimed to be multi-step experience, however, only the first offline and physical stage was live. Our goal was to identify staff and patient needs through a workshop and then recommend a digital experience through both a report and wireframe.

Staff and patients began their health experience by using a physical kiosk at their local hospital. This measured weight and other health details, and gathered data such as email address and phone number. The experience ended with the user receiving a printout of their health statistics. Through our workshop, we identified diverse needs. We identified habits, goals, emotions and we asked the staff to take these into account while we co-created the digital journey they would go on to experience.  

We delivered in-depth analysis of workshop conversations and user journeys. We developed a wireframe that illustrated step by step, and page by page, the design of the solution we proposed.  This was accompanied by an in-depth report with recommendations for proposed next steps, shaped by the insights gained at research phase. 

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